View from Chishi Lookout Point (observation deck) on Zamami
Chishi Lookout Point is the closest observation deck to Yuumi House, and can be reached on foot in about 15 […]

Chishi Lookout Point

Kerama Deer in Asa, Zamami
There is a protected species native to the Kerama Islands called the Kerama Deer, identifiable by its small stature and white […]

Encounter with a Kerama Deer

Wild Strawberries on Zamami
Mid-April is the time when wild strawberries and “yamamomo” (a type of bayberry) are ready for picking. Following a tip […]

Wild Strawberry Picking

Hula dancing on Ama beach to mark the opening of the beach season
Today there was as a ceremony to mark the opening of the official beachgoing season in Zamami. There were festivities […]

Beaches Officially Open

Zamami Cottage Exterior Day
We are currently in the process of transforming a traditional Ryukyu cottage into a self-catering guest house, with the main […]

Zamami Rest House Project